The History

There are a number of sacred rivers in our country and Periyar is one of the major rivers in Kerala. Periyar reaches Aluva, a town in Ernakulam district and gets divided into two near the Aluva Siva temple and  flows westwards. Sri Datta Temple is situated at Desom, the calm and naturally beautiful northern banks of the river where yagas were performed earlier.

The temple is close to NH47 from Aluva to Ankamally and is reachable by taking Swargam road soon after crossing Mangalappuzha bridge and walking about 200 meters. The temple can also be reached by taking a turn to Kalady road from Desom junction and taking a right turn after 200 meters and walkng about 150mts. There is yet another way to the temple by alighting at Kunnumpuram bus stop and coming  down through the road near Ananthapura temple.

The idol of Sidharaja Dattatraya, the union of the trinities, Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesa, guru to the sage Parasurama was consecrated on 1991, Chaitra 1st in the star Revathy (1991 March 18) by Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachidananda Swamiji of the Avdhooda Datta Peetta and Sri Mahaganapathy as the sub idol .The idol of Karya Sidhi Anjaneya was consecrated on 1999, December 13th th by poojya swamiji. The three deities showers blessings on all the devotees and the entire village.