As directed by Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachidananda Swamiji the following sevas are performed...

1. Mandala Nalikera Vritham (Special Coconut Pooja)

The devotee or his representative ties coconut for the fulfillment of a wish, or solvent to a problem in the his name and star. The devotee should chant the mantra "OM SRI KARYA SIDHI ANJANEYA SWAMINAE NAMAH" at least for 108 times. The devotees offering coconut pooja can come to the temple daily for 41 continuous days. Those who have inconvenience to come daily may come on Tuesdays and Saturdays perambulate the sanctum sanctorium for atleast 11 times. Chanting the mantra OM SRI KARYA SIDHI ANJANEYA SWAMINE NAMAH". They should be on a vegetarian diet during the vritha. The coconut can be taken home after 41 days of poojas as prasadam. Those who conduct this pooja is reported to have their wishes fulfilled, physical, mental and spiritual problems solved.

2. Venna Alankaram (Decoration of the Idol With Butter)

Lord Anjaneya likes to be decorated with butter. Those who wish to have this pooja done may come to the temple and register their names. The prasadam may be collected the next day morning.

3. Vadamaala (A Garland Made of Vadas)

Lord Anjaneya is fond of this offering. Those who are interested may book in advance and collect the prasadam after the evening pooja.

4. Betel Lemon Garlands

Those who wish to offer these garlands may obtain receipt from the temple counter or they can bring the garlands prepared from their home.

5. Sugandha Taila Deepam (The Lamp With Sweet Aroma)

The offering of Sugandha Taila Deepam is ideal for fulfillment of wishes and blessings of Sri Hanuman. The oil blended with jasmine oil,sandal oil, camphor, musk, clove oil etc is used to light a lamp in a chirath(very tiny vessel piece made of clay capable of storing a little oil) with 5 red wicks. The devotee lights the lamp and perambulates the sanctum sanctorium of Sri Hanuman thrice to get total welfare and the blessings from the Lord. As for Mandala Nalikera Vritham, all the wishes of the devotees like the cure of diseases, clearing of debts, marriage etc comes true as a result of lighting this lamp for a period of 3, 5, 7, 11 or 16 weeks as selected by the devotee.


1. Sree Maha Ganapathy Homam

Before starting any venture Ganapathy Homam is conducted in order to please the lord and remove all obstacles,make the effort or project a grand success. Ganapathy Homam is performed on the first Sunday of every month. The homam is conducted with Navagraha Mantra which gives added results. The homam can be done once in a year throught the life time. Those who are interested may contact Datta temple. Homam with the active participation of devotee or a group of devotees (Samooha Homam) can also be conducted. The holy water and ashes of the homam are supplied to the devotees as prasadam

2. Dattatreya Homam

Dattatrya homam conducted during pournami days with special Datta mantra and other mantras gives relief from physical and mental problems and brings all blessings.

3. Tailabhishekam

It is a custom of the Datta Peedhom to conduct Tailabhishekam to Lord Dattatreya on pournami days. The abishekam gives relief to body ailments. The taila after abhishekam cures joint pains and other diseases.

4. Anakhashtami Vritham

Anakhastami Vritham is a spcial pooja offerd on ashtami day of Krishna paksha. It is conducted in temples where Lord Dattatreya is consecrated along with godess Lakshmi. In this vritham, Lord Dattatreya is named Anakha Swami and Lakshmi Devi as Anakha Devi. Poojas are offered not only to them but also to their sons. The bachelors who conduct this pooja gets married, gets good children and all other welfare. Those who wish to have the pooja may contact the temple.

5. Abhishekas

Milk and panchamrutha abhishekam to Lord Dattatreya ,Maha Ganapathy and Anjaneya. Those who wish to conduct this pooja need to make a booking atleast two days prior to the pooja day.

6. Sahasra Namarchana (Chanting of Thousand Namas)

Separate Sahasra Namarchana for all the three deities are done with Ashtothara Archana.

7.  Datta Bhiksha

When you prepare food at your house a handful of rice may be kept seperately as Bhiksha(offering) to Lord Dattatreya. The amount of rice can be increased as much as you can afford. The rice may be taken to the temple and deposited in a vessel specified for that , in front of Datta Padukas.

8. Offering To Naagaraja

In addition to the daily poojas, Milk Abisheka and Turmeric Powder Abisheka are done each month on days of Ayillaiam star.

9.  Panaka Pooja

Hanuman, who is Pancha Mukha Swaropa (five faced ) shower's blessings on the devotees on offering Panaka Nivedyam to the Narasimha Mukha , which is renowned tradition .

10. Thulabharam

A very popular and ancient practice of offering any item equivalent to the weight of the devotee .This can be performed for elimination of diseases, materialization of wishes.

11. Jayapathaka Sthapana

In this Pooja, the devotees fix a Jaya Pataka (Flag of Success) with special mantras at the holy feet of 18 feet Vijaya Anjaneya, for success in starting of New ventures or Profession , Performing important events , and before travel - for the success and fulfillment of their travel &Mission.

12. Vishesha Vidya GanapathiMmantrarchana

A special vidyaganapathi mantrarchana will be conducted on their names and prasadam of two pens, sacred thread and mantrakshatha will be given. This is for students to get memory and success in examinations.


Those who wish to have Archanas and Poojas permanently for life time on a particular day or star may kindly contact the office. This is applicable to devotees who wish to conduct Ganapathy Homa for a life time.


Annadanam is conducted at the temple and it is the most valuable offering a devotee can make. Devotee can be a part of this venture by joining the Life Time Annadana Offering(Ayushkala Anna Dana Seva). Annadanam on a particular day or star is done till the life time of the devotees. This offering can be dedicated to the day of the birth stars of your parents, children or other family members. In addition to the Ayushkala Annadana Seva, there is the daily Anndana Seva and devotees can enroll for this and get perpetual blessings, comfort and welfare.